Реферат на тему Saddness Essay Research Paper times are changingall

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Saddness Essay, Research Paper

times are changing

all i see is your smile

crushed by the emotions you send

i wait for what you say

but i am to deaf to hear

whipeing the tears away

i need your touch

grabbing at your side

pierced deep with what you do

i push the needle deeper

kneeling to be saved

need to get away from the pain

you stand out of reach

i gasp for your breast

holding my breath as i sleep

this hell i wander

is from the fire i built

standing at the exit

you are my way out

selfpity surrounds me while i burn

i stand tall with shadowed strength

you amble over to me

eyes locked, you salt my wounds

grabbing your hand tight

i press down the stake that holds me

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