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Symbolism Of Keys In Bluebeard Essay, Research Paper

The use of a key in a literary piece is an important

element to symbolize a higher meaning within a story. A

key could represent many different meanings. For

instance, in the story Bluebeard , the key could

represent life or death, knowledge, or the ability to

open a whole new dimension within the story. The key

signifies a very unique power in the story Bluebeard .

When Bluebeard hands the key ring to his wife with the

instruction to never utilize the small key to the

cellar, he essentially gave her the power of life,

knowledge, understanding, and the ability to open a new

dimension within the story. In Women Who Run with the

Wolves , Clarissa Estes states, The Bluebeard story is

about a captor, the dark man who inhabits all women s

psyches, the innate predator (pg. 43). Bluebeard ruled

his wife from the beginning, he was essentially her

captor. Bluebeard gave his wife the freedom to do

anything her heart desires, but he still held her

captive on his land. When he handed her the key ring and

specifically told her not to use the small key he was

utilizing his predator powers. It is ironic that in

Bluebeard , the captor gives away the key that unlocks

the wife s spirit. The key is a symbol of life for the

wife and death for Bluebeard. If the woman obeyed her

husband and ignored her intuition the key would have

symbolized the opposite. The key represents the woman s

intuitive knowledge to revolt against her husband. If

the woman had trusted her intuitive knowledge she

wouldn t have freed herself from the arms of her

predator. Finally, the key represents the ability to

open a new dimension within the story. When the women

open the door, the reader can envision a different side

of Bluebeard, the dark side. As the story progresses,

the reader experiences shifting feelings toward

Bluebeard. In the beginning, the reader is apprehensive

about trusting Bluebeard because of the feelings the two

older sisters expressed toward him. After the youngest

sister marries Bluebeard some of the ill feelings

subside. After the key is used and Bluebeard returns and

tries to kill his wife, the darker side of Bluebeard is

revealed. A key is an important symbol in literary

stories. It could represent many underlying and unseen

forces. In the story Bluebeard , the key represents

life/death, knowledge, and the key allows the reader to

envision a new dimension in the story.

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