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Cell Nulceus Essay, Research Paper

The Discovery of the Cell Nucleus

The cell nucleus was discovered in 1828. At this time no one really understood what it did but eventually it was found to be the control center for the cell and it organelles. The cell was discovered by a Robert Brown, a botanist. Robert Brown invented his own microscope with a crude system of lenses. He used the microscope to observe the nucleus of a plant cell and many other things. It was discovered when he was trying to find out how plants reproduce.

Recent News About the Cell Nucleus

The cell nucleus could be the most important part of the cell in this time and age. The cell nucleus is so important because it contains all the genetic information for the cell. With all the recent advances in cloning and genetic engineering the nucleus of the cell as become the main attraction. With cloning the cell nucleus is actually removed and replaced with another one to cause the cell to make an exact copy of another cell.

Recently the human genome was cracked, this means the scientist have actually discovered what every gene in the human body does and what it is composed of. By using the human genome scientist may be able to cure genetic diseases and defects, maybe even change genetic traits, like the genes that may cause heart disease.

The cell nucleus contains about 2 meters of DNA, if the DNA was streched out in a single strand. In the two meters contains the whole code for human life, the closer we are to understanding the human genome the closer we are to understanding how we function, how we are created, and how we evolve.

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